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Welcome to the Internet’s largest gathering of autographing authors. Our autograph party is not just for one author or one book. It’s for every book we carry.

After choosing a category and title, you’ll visit the author’s Web site, where you can buy the book directly from the author, autographed. You’ll love the variety and creativity of the authors’ sites – and the ability to communicate with them.

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Click on any yellow party star to visit the autograph party. You’ll have the best book shopping experience imaginable. We only list high-quality, reasonably-priced books with interesting Web sites. Most of our books are under $20, including delivery within the U.S. 

Are You Searching for Gift Ideas?

Birthdays? Holidays? Other special occasions? While books are always great gifts, autographed books have extra value. Many authors will also inscribe your gift books with your suggested phrase or salutation. Gifts like that are kept forever.

The Great Gifts Catalog includes books sold autographed, inscribed with your suggestions, and delivered anywhere in the U.S. for less than $20. While our book signing party offers many times the selection, the Great Gifts site may help you find a gift book more quickly.right here https://www.elfbarsgr.com/

Are You a Book Collector?

If so, you’re probably used to paying more than list prices for autographed and inscribed collectible books. You won’t pay more here.

Most authors extend special offers like discounts, free postage, or consultations. 

Are you looking for a specific title? 

Click here to see if we carry it. If we do, we’ll tell you which category it’s in.

Join the Book Signing Party

Meet the authors and buy books directly from them … autographed at no extra cost.

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Personalized Gift Books

Books are wonderful presents, but signed books have added dimensions, especially if they’re inscribed with your thoughts for a special birthday, anniversary, or other occasion. 

Many authors encourage inscription suggestions from guests.

Mind Travel

You see them here wouldn’t travel to a new country without researching it. Research your “mental travel plans” before reading a book by visiting the author’s Web site.

Authors often design Web sites to double as press kits, providing in-depth information and insights for reporters… and you!

Enhance Your Discussion Group

Do you belong to an on-line book discussion group?

Why not invite the author to join in when you discuss their book? Many authors welcome the opportunity. Just ask!

Do you know an author who sells their bookstore-quality books from their Web site? 

Please enter their name and contact information below. We’ll invite them to join Autographed By Author with your compliments.

    Do vegetables taste better when you buy them from the farmer?

    Then you’ll love buying your books from the author.

    You can request autographs, ask questions, and even invite the author to your on-line discussion group!

    Stay in Touch

    Authors love feedback, and their Web site is a great place to contact them. After reading their book, revisit to share your comments. 

    What did you like about the book? How can it be improved? Is it O.K. to quote you in future publicity? (Authors love that!)

    Autographed By Author might look like an on-line bookstore, but it’s your address book for authors who care about their readers. Bookmark this page to find your favorite authors, or for when you need gifts for friends, family, collectors, and especially yourself.

    New authors join the party frequently. We’ll be announcing new authors, chats, and other special events.

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    Coming Soon

    Best Sellers List – We’ll tell you which books are most popular with our guests. Until then, look at the titles near the top of each category.

    Book Discussion Groups – We’ll introduce you to some, or link to your favorite group’s Web site.

    Tell us about your book discussion group below and we’ll invite them to join our new referral page.

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      When you spot a gem, click on its title. Your next stop will be the author’s Web site, where you’ll learn things you won’t find in reviews or bookstores.

      Ask questions, offer comments, or request signed books, just like you do at bookstore signings.

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