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Title: Gold Lust

Author: Ed Mitchell

Book Description: Winner National Publishers Freedom Award for Best New Fiction in the USA & Canada. Family discovers massive gold vein triggering modern-day gold rush; struggles to survive against ruthless international mining conglomerate and US government.

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Title: The Raven Who Spoke With God

Author: Christopher Foster

Book Description: An inspirational story of a hero’s journey. A sensitive but determined young raven finds truth and inner peace as he overcomes grief and follows his dream. “The story lifts the heart” (NAPRA ReView).

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Title: The Rapture Follies: Kinda Like the End of the World Only Funnier

Author: Scott Garber

Book Description: Prophetic fiction just hit the fan! Clueless American do-gooders visit Romania and trigger a laugh-out-loud international crisis in this suspenseful satire of the genre.

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Title: Race for Doroon

Author: Gloria Hartman

Book Description: An exciting, original Sci-Fi Romance. Race saves the Keeborn Cat from death and finds she’s intelligent and telepathic. Race determines to save her race from the Colonist’s. Sandy crashes on Doroon and Race falls in love. Scheduled to be a TV pilot.

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Title: Three Part Invention, A Novel

Author: Judith Laura

Book Description: Three generations of mothers and daughters take center stage in this stunning novel of depth and humor that begins before World War II, ends in the late 1990s, and also spotlights the power of music, from classical to rock.

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Title: The Sandscrapers

Author: Griffin Garnett

Book Description: Join the crew of a small, untried, new U.S. naval assault ship (LSM.) from its shakedown cruise, through the War In The Pacific. And, the ending of the novel – an unforgettable Christmas Story.

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Title: The Guardian

Author: Beecher Smith

Book Description: A good lawyer is saved from alcoholism and financial ruin by a mysterious Hungarian doctor, who turns out to be a vampire. When his worst enemy goes mad, he is appointed guardian, only to learn he must destroy his benefactor.

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Title: My Friend, My Lover, My Stalker…The Dark Side of Love

Author: DeVonnia Livous

Book Description: Romantic Thriller. A childhood friendship turns into a loving relationship, but insecurity, jealousy, and past hurts causes the relationship to end, thus resulting in a nightmare for one party and their friends/family.

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