What’s a Great Gift?
One they’ll keep forever, and
think of you every time they see it

How do you choose a Great Gift?

     Look for one that:

Matches their interests
Is personalized with your name and theirs
Has the potential to increase in value
Is compact – for easy storage and future discovery
…And hope it costs less than $20

We have Great Gifts for you

They’re autographed, personally inscribed gift books, that you can buy directly from their authors:

Inscribed with a sentiment you suggest, and
Delivered anywhere in the U.S. for less than $20
(Are you un-American?)

Visit the Great Gifts Catalog to view dozens of great gift ideas. Click on any birthday present to see them.

Two Steps to Perfect Presents

Visit the Inscriptions Page. It will spark your inscription-writing creativity. Now that you’re sparking…
Visit the Great Gifts Catalog. It lists book titles, descriptions, and special offers. Click any title to learn more. 

Extra Value at no Extra Cost

None of our authors charge premiums for autographing or inscribing.
Many of our authors offer discounts, free postage, or other specials when you purchase through this site.
Save the cost (and waste) of greeting cards.
Your recipient’s heirs may be thanking you in the next century.

We add new authors and books often. Visit us the next time you need birthday gift ideas, presents for Christmas, Chanukah…or especially yourself!