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Title: Battle Scars

Author: Tim Hutchinson

Book Description: An amazing thing happened to me on the way to committing a mass-murder at my school with an assault rifle. I was stopped, then turned my life around. Now, I’m married with children and reach out to troubled teens. Here’s the true story.

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Title: Cooking Up an Italian Life

Author: Sharon Sanders

Book Description: The ultimate celebration of the marvelous courtship between Italian food and life brings la vita bella home with complete meals at a glance, cooking lessons, wine pairings, and a happy narrative of cooking, loving, and marrying in Italy.

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Title: Abbey & Friends M is for Manners

Author: Mary Jesse

Book Description: Meet Abbey and her little brother, Max. Join Abbey’s family when they go to dinner at Sarah’s house. Opportunities to learn or review manners are integrated throughout this colorful story.

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Title: The Rapture Follies: Kinda Like the End of the World Only Funnier

Author: Scott Garber

Book Description: Prophetic fiction just hit the fan! Clueless American do-gooders visit Romania and trigger a laugh-out-loud international crisis in this suspenseful satire of the genre.

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Title: The Boy Under the Bed

Author: Preston McClear

Book Description: “This is a book that I cannot recommend enough to mothers and fathers of small children.” Eliza Ferree – Clever reversal story about a baby monster who is afraid of the boy under his bed.

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Title: Tailey Whaley

Author: Charles Boyle

Book Description: Ruffians bully a young whale because he looks “different.” Later, he goes into action and uses his enormous tail to defeat whale hunters, thus saving his pod – – and showing the stupidity of intolerance & meanness. Hard cover, 2nd printing, full color.

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Title: The Soul of Success; 7 steps to monetary and spiritual wealth for a rich meaningful life

Author: BZ Riger-Hull

Book Description: Stop living on automatic pilot… Get the success you want NOW! This treasury of practical wisdom contains easy to apply action steps that will significantly reduce stress, dramatically improve your profits, and deeply enrich your vital relationships.

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Title: Together: Creating Family Traditions

Author: Rondi Hillstrom Davis

Book Description: “Together” is a journal of family traditions, seasonal projects and recipes. It is a beautifully photographed gift book perfect for holidays, birthdays, baby showers, and special occasions.

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Title: The Sandscrapers

Author: Griffin Garnett

Book Description: Join the crew of a small, untried, new U.S. naval assault ship (LSM.) from its shakedown cruise, through the War In The Pacific. And, the ending of the novel – an unforgettable Christmas Story.

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Title: Three Part Invention, A Novel

Author: Judith Laura

Book Description: Three generations of mothers and daughters take center stage in this stunning novel of depth and humor that begins before World War II, ends in the late 1990s, and also spotlights the power of music, from classical to rock.

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Title: How to Make a Million Dollar First Impression

Author: Lynda Goldman

Book Description: A great first impression is vital to getting the job, client or contract you want. Learn the secrets of body language, business dining, and business image. Simple tips and techniques help you feel confident so you reach your business goals.

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Title: My Friend, My Lover, My Stalker…The Dark Side of Love

Author: DeVonnia Livous

Book Description: Romantic Thriller. A childhood friendship turns into a loving relationship, but insecurity, jealousy, and past hurts causes the relationship to end, thus resulting in a nightmare for one party and their friends/family.

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Title: The Raven Who Spoke With God

Author: Christopher Foster

Book Description: An inspirational story of a hero’s journey. A sensitive but determined young raven finds truth and inner peace as he overcomes grief and follows his dream. “The story lifts the heart” (NAPRA ReView).

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Title: Confessions of a Turtle Wife

Author: Anita Salzberg

Book Description: A hilarious look at a turtle-challenged marriage. No spouse has a crazier hobby than mine, with dozens of turtles in the bathtub, turtle sex on the living room floor, searching for turtles in pet stores across America, and more!

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Title: Get Smart! About Modern Romantic Relationships: Your Personal Guide to Finding Right and Real Love

Author: Michelle L. Casto

Book Description: Attract your life mate, make smart dating decisions, learn about the 7 stages of a romantic relationship, and become the person you seek with secrets and self-awareness exercises from Get Smart! Chock full of quotes and journaling assignments.

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