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Title: More Than Meets The Eye: Energy

Author: Judith Poole

Book Description: Use this concise manual-suitable for age 11 to adult-with anecdotes-activities-illustrations to identify and cope with Other People’s Energy. Loaded w/ Tools to understand, handle sensitivity-set boundaries-improve physical and mental health.

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Title: The Little Grounding Book

Author: Judith Poole

Book Description: Activities help reader center-connect to physical body and Earth. A first step to heal anxiety & physical & mental conditions. Great resource for persons w/ ADD-teachers-therapists.

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Title: Power and Wisdom: The New Path for Women

Author: Priscilla V. Marotta, Ph.D.

Book Description: Revealing power robber messages,and power lessons provide a guide for women to activate their talents. Pat Moran, CEO of the largest woman-owned business stated,”This book will help you learn to use your own positive power to reach your dreams.”

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Title: The Psychotherapy Workbook: A Home-Study Guide For Growth & Change

Author: Kathleen Cairns

Book Description: Psychotherapy at home! Case stories, exercises, questionnaires, homework, designed to help the reader grow and change, to have more loving relationships.

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Title: The Reality Illusion: How you make the world you experience

Author: Ralph Strauch

Book Description: Seeing through the collective illusion we call reality opens new possibilities for choice in your life. Understanding how you create that illusion can help you achieve that potential.

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Title: Twisted Roots of Evil

Author: Susan Kesegich

Book Description: The child who won the hearts of all. Twisted Roots of Evil details the authors journey from her abusive upbringing in the rural south to survival at the turn of the millennium.

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Title: The Soul of Success; 7 steps to monetary and spiritual wealth for a rich meaningful life

Author: BZ Riger-Hull

Book Description: Stop living on automatic pilot… Get the success you want NOW! This treasury of practical wisdom contains easy to apply action steps that will significantly reduce stress, dramatically improve your profits, and deeply enrich your vital relationships.

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Title: 9 Chances to Feel Good About Yourself

Author: Judy A. Laslie

Book Description: Stop being a victim of any thing or any one! Good news book about life with a scientific system for self-understanding. Comprehensive, without being technical. It works!

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