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Title: Travel with Others without Wishing They’d Stayed Home

Author: Nadine Nardi Davdison

Book Description: Traveling with others, even the ones we love can be hazardous to your relationships. This is a survival guide for traveling with your spouse, lover, friends, boss, kids, someone else’s kids, parents, in-laws, and other relatives, your pet or yourself.

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Title: The Penny-Pinching Hedonist: How to Live Like Royalty with a Peasant’s Pocketbook

Author: Shel Horowitz

Book Description: Comprehensive guide to low-cost FUN: Save hundreds/thousands on travel, dining, romance, live music/theatre/entertainment, romance, kid activities, recreation… 280 pages of great ideas!

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Title: France on Foot, Village to Village, Hotel to Hotel: How to Walk the French Trail System On Your Own

Author: Bruce LeFavour

Book Description: “…offers color photos, good maps, excellent directions and fine writing on France’s 110,000 miles of off-road footpaths.” — LA TIMES; “French joie de vivre on foot.” — CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR

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